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  • The Mackinaw Cap
  • The Mackinaw Cap

The Mackinaw Cap

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Think: robust. Think: bomb-proof, although don'’t test this in a literal sense. Think: warmth despite all odds. Think about a hat that will follow you faithfully down any cold corridor, at any time of day or night, in any circumstance. The Mackinaw is your reliable, cold-weather companion. Kind of like a Saint Bernard, but not a dog.



  • 26 oz. 100% virgin wool
  • 100% cotton flannel lining
  • Six-panel crown construction
  • Pulldown earband
  • Made in the USA with globally sourced materials
  • Dry clean only

Cap Sizing

To get your size, measure comfortably around your head where your cap will sit, with a tape measure. Take that number in inches, divide by 3.14 (pi) and round up to the nearest eighth. This is your cap size. See the chart for size conversions. You can also print out our hat sizer, click here.

7 ⅜ is the most common men's size
Hat Size
20 ⅜
6 ½
20 ¾
6 ⅝
21 ⅛
6 ¾
21 ½
6 ⅞
21 ⅞
22 ¼
7 ⅛
22 ⅝
7 ¼
7 ⅜
23 ½
7 ½
23 ⅞
7 ⅝
24 ¼
7 ¾
24 ⅝
7 ⅞
Made like you
Staying warm with your stormy kromer

How to use the earband

Listen up! You know how you cup your ears in a maelstrom of noise trying to hear someone ahead? How you make little finger pockets around your lobes to catch all the sound waves and block what’s behind? Go ahead. Try it now. In that position, you're basically poised to pull down a Stormy Kromer earband with ease.


Product Reviews

(40 reviews) Write a Review

Posted by Gargaro Don on Jan 13th 2018

The only reason I don’t give 5 stars is that it was too big and had to return it. I am waiting for the new one to come.


Posted by Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin on Jan 2nd 2018

One issue I can't seem to resolve is how to get the flaps over the ears. I followed the instructions but the flaps barely cover the tip of my ear. So I decided to untie the front of the cap to see if this would help, it did but there now is not enough cord left to tie into a knot. Any advise would be welcome


Posted by Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin on Jan 2nd 2018

One issue I can't seem to resolve is how to get the flaps over the ears. I followed the instructions but the flaps barely cover the tip of my ear. So I decided to untie the front of the cap to see if this would help, it did but there now is not enough cord left to tie into a knot. Any advise would be welcome

Hi there - the earband does simply pull down to cover the ears and is not meant to fully cover the ear. It varies from person to person but it should typically cover 1/2-2/3 of the ear.


Posted by Tom on Dec 21st 2017

Don't like it! This stylish wool cap keeps your head and ears warm. Purchased three for Christmas gifts.


Posted by Lori on Dec 6th 2017

Luv it. Best fit.


Posted on Jan 28th 2016

I got this hat about a year ago making this my second winter with it and I love it! I'm outside almost everyday, despite the lovely Minnesota temperatures! This hat is warm enough even down to around 0°F. The short brim is perfect for winter and keeps the snow and wind out of my eyes unless the wind really picks up. At the end of the day, I love this hat and will continue to wear it every cold day until it wears out. I only give it 4 of 5 stars because the ear flaps could be a bit wider as they tend to creep up a bit uncovering my ears and if I'm walking into the wind, the wind comes in under the sides of the brim. -Alex B.


Posted on Sep 28th 2015

Just received my Stormy Mackinaw cap and I have to say, this is the first of my Stormy purchases that I am somewhat disappointed in. The workmanship has really gone down from my previous purchases. The panels don't even come close to lining up, and the stitching has changed from what is even shown in this photograph. The panels are now just laid over the top of the next panel and stitched flat, which makes an overall cheaper looking product. I don't know what in going on in Ironwood, but just know, your customers do see the change and it's not welcome.This will most likely be my last Stormy Kromer purchase, and that is really sad. An American company with the history such as Stormy Kromer SHOULD NOT be looking to cut corners at the expense of the customer. ~~~~ Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! The Original Cap Is made with the same quality and construction as was originally done by George “Stormy” Kromer himself back in 1903. We did make one change … an upgrade …We replaced the old cardboard brim with a molded plastic brim. This is the change that allowed us to put a lifetime guarantee on the cap! We stand behind our product- for a lifetime. We also have an insurance program, so if its ever lost or stolen you get a new one at half off plus the cost of shipping! The Top panels have never come to a point at the top of the hat. If you look at most 6 panel hats, they add that button to the top of the cap. This is to hide all the seams as they all meet up at one point. This has never been done on any of our caps. The seams on all the panels are done the same as years past as well. It has and continues to leave the raw edge showing. This is the rugged looks we are known for.I hope this helps explain, if not, I’d love to chat with you about this to ensure you are happy with your new hat. Our Customer Service Team can be reached at 1-888-455-2253 ~~~SK~~~


Posted on Jan 1st 2015

The ear band leaves the lower tips of my ears uncovered, but it isn't a problem unless its real windy out. Otherwise this had is plenty warm, and the material/quality have been great over the last 2 years I've worn it.


Posted on Nov 21st 2014

I love the style of this little hat, but being that it is a Mackinaw cap, I thought the wool would be a bit thicker. I have a Mackinaw coat and it has a lot of heft to it and is windproof, but this the wind comes thorough a bit. I'm glad I didn't get the original SK as I can only imagine it would be even lighter.Also, when you bring the ear covers down, they don't cover your ear completely... I was really hoping that it would.Lastly, mine has a lot of lose threads that I am going to have to trim up before the hat unravels.


Posted on Jul 6th 2014

I love my SK. The Mackinaw is the only way to go imho. It's extremely warm, fits well, and makes you look like you're from the UP! I should know, as I grew up around the block from Jacquarts! Seriously though, it'll keep you warm and last forever...Don't worry about the price...that's a one time deal. -Jp17

The Adventure Continues with Stormy Kromer

Legendary Style

When you’ve been around as long as we have, you’re bound to see new trends, new technology, new everything. Yet here we are, pretty much the same as we were a hundred years ago. We’re all for innovation, sure, but we also know what works for us. We believe in what we do and still wake up every morning excited to do it. So let the wheels of progress clamor onward in pursuit of perfection. We found it a century ago. And when you get it right the first time, everything else is details. Lucky for us, passion and pride never go out of style.

Lifetime Warranty

They say that when you own a Stormy Kromer, no other cap will ever satisfy your taste for comfort or quality. And we believe that’s true too, so we offer what other clothing manufacturers might consider a little crazy. Learn more here.