Fall & Winter New Arrivals

Where will you find Stormy Kromer? These days you'll find us on the cool craggy banks of the Pacific Northwest and Wyoming ranches dusted with snow. From fall forests in Maine and Massachusetts to the icy February banks of Lake Superior in Michigan and Minnesota. What started as a simple wool cap is now a full line of durable, hand-stitched wool clothing for every reason and every season.

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Fall and Winter New Arrivals

Unmatched Quality Goods

Whether it's a new wool poncho to keep you warm as summer turns to fall, adding to your Stormy Kromer collection with the Original Cap in new Century plaid or bundling up in the new North Star Wool Mackinaw Coat, each item is guaranteed for life.

Rugged Caps & Apparel Since 1903

Iconic wool caps, coats, vests and mitts. Stormy Kromer has been making caps and apparel in the Midwest for over a century. Designed to keep you warm in any season and any weather. We've survived over 100 winters - let us protect you from anything Mother Nature throws your way.

New Arrivals

Stormy Kromer Winter Essentials

Heading to the rink for a pick-up hockey game? We have you covered with new jackets, vests, blankets and caps for every moment in your life.

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