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The Rancher Cap

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Just like the original, but extra. Extra warmth via a 200 gram Thinsulate addition to the crown, extra length on the fleece-lined earband for added coverage, extra awesome for every cold-weather demand. Four times warmer than the original.



  • 23-25 oz. 80% wool/20% nylon
  • 23-25 oz. 85% wool/15% nylon (Blaze Orange & Blaze Pink)
  • 50% wool/25% poly/25% nylon (Ottawa)
  • Thinsulate® Insulation in crown
  • Lengthened, fleece-lined earband
  • Six-panel crown construction
  • Made in the USA with globally sourced materials
  • Dry clean only

Cap Sizing

To get your size, measure comfortably around your head where your cap will sit, with a tape measure. Take that number in inches, divide by 3.14 (pi) and round up to the nearest eighth. This is your cap size. See the chart for size conversions. You can also print out our hat sizer, click here.

7 ⅜ is the most common men's size
Hat Size
20 ⅜
6 ½
20 ¾
6 ⅝
21 ⅛
6 ¾
21 ½
6 ⅞
21 ⅞
22 ¼
7 ⅛
22 ⅝
7 ¼
7 ⅜
23 ½
7 ½
23 ⅞
7 ⅝
24 ¼
7 ¾
24 ⅝
7 ⅞
Made like you
Staying warm with your stormy kromer

How to use the earband

Listen up! You know how you cup your ears in a maelstrom of noise trying to hear someone ahead? How you make little finger pockets around your lobes to catch all the sound waves and block what’s behind? Go ahead. Try it now. In that position, you're basically poised to pull down a Stormy Kromer earband with ease.


Product Reviews

(108 reviews) Write a Review

Posted by Rick W on Dec 13th 2017

I asked for and received the Rancher Cap in blaze orange two years ago for Christmas. This is an awesome cap. I only wear it during hunting season but I cannot believe what a big difference it makes over all of the other headgear I've worn over the years. I have yet to wish that it were warmer and oddly enough I've never gotten overheated in it when the weather is warmer. Maybe most important is the fact that it's a Made In USA product!


Posted by Jim on Dec 12th 2017

Great hat


Posted by Paul on Dec 7th 2017

I recently decided to spend the money on a good warm hat for hunting versus my old $10 special. I wore this hat on a cold windy day pheasant hunting and my head stayed warm the whole time. When I got into the wind I could quickly flip down the extra neck flap and my neck stayed perfectly warm. I can't recommend this hat enough for hunters. Everyone in my family will be getting one next year for deer season.


Posted by Jim on Dec 5th 2017

Perfect fit, stylish in its own quirky way, and as warm as you’ll ever find. I love it!!


Posted by Steve on Dec 5th 2017

I love Stormy Kromer hats as I have several, I recently purchased the rancher hat and I am a little disappointed that the stitching along the back flap is poorly done. I have a sewing machine and can fix it , but I’m disappointed in poor quality from Stormy Kromer!

-Hi Steve, Manufacturing defects are always covered. Please call our Customer Service team at 888-455-2253 so we can get you taken care of. Thanks!


Posted by Michael A Seger on Dec 4th 2017

Purchased this as a gift for my father. He loved the fit, feel and the warmth the cap provided during some harsh snowfalls. Could not ask for a better cranial heat saver.


Posted by Awesome Cindy on Nov 27th 2017

Awesome cap, looking forward to wearing it in colder weather.


Posted by Cow/Calf Guy on Nov 22nd 2017

The warmest, most durable, and comfortable cap you will ever buy! This cap is Awesome!


Posted by Curt on Nov 20th 2017

Great hat! Correct size, great workmenship. The hat seems to be built for really cold weather, I can't wait to see how it really works. All of my Kromer clothing is great. You can't ask for better items built here in the USA.


Posted by richard moss on Nov 16th 2017

I have three s k hats love them all rancher is the one I use all winter these may be the best made product in the us. thank you

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