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The Rancher Cap

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Just like the original, but extra. Extra warmth via a 200 gram Thinsulate addition to the crown, extra length on the fleece-lined earband for added coverage, extra awesome for every cold-weather demand. Four times warmer than the original.



  • 23-25 oz. 85% wool/15% nylon (Blaze Pink)
  • 23-25 oz. 100% wool (Blaze Orange)
  • Thinsulate® Insulation in crown
  • Lengthened, fleece-lined earband
  • Six-panel crown construction
  • Made in the USA with globally sourced materials
  • Dry clean only

Cap Sizing

To get your size, measure comfortably around your head where your cap will sit, with a tape measure. Take that number in inches, divide by 3.14 (pi) and round up to the nearest eighth. This is your cap size. See the chart for size conversions. You can also print out our hat sizer, click here.

7 ⅜ is the most common men's size
Hat Size
20 ⅜
6 ½
20 ¾
6 ⅝
21 ⅛
6 ¾
21 ½
6 ⅞
21 ⅞
22 ¼
7 ⅛
22 ⅝
7 ¼
7 ⅜
23 ½
7 ½
23 ⅞
7 ⅝
24 ¼
7 ¾
24 ⅝
7 ⅞
Made like you
Staying warm with your stormy kromer

How to use the earband

Listen up! You know how you cup your ears in a maelstrom of noise trying to hear someone ahead? How you make little finger pockets around your lobes to catch all the sound waves and block what’s behind? Go ahead. Try it now. In that position, you're basically poised to pull down a Stormy Kromer earband with ease.


Product Reviews

(96 reviews) Write a Review

Posted on Jul 7th 2017

The warmest hat on the market. Perfect for low energy outdoor activities. If you're going to be moving around a lot it will be too warm. Been wearing it for years now while sitting in my tree stand hunting in brutally cold windy weather and have NEVER been cold. Extremely well made and comfortable. You won't be disappointed.


Posted on Jan 4th 2017

I ordered this hat on Dec. 24th and it arrived earlier than expected. I have worn it several times since I have received it and have been very pleased with its performance in below 0 temps. I have the original SK hat and the Rancher protects the ears much better. thanks


Posted on Dec 30th 2016

Just bought my second rancher , this one is to hunt and work outside in the winter .i own four of them know assume hats get a lot of compliments on them and they all want to know where I got them. Keep up the good work commercial carpenter and outdoorsman


Posted on Dec 29th 2016

Recently purchased my first SK and it won't be my last. It gets really chilly here in Buffalo and the Rancher kept my head warm in near zero wind chill temps.


Posted on Dec 19th 2016

I have reviewed the rancher some time ago. The hat is very warm but the ear flaps need to fit tighter to your ears. Here's the solution, buy a pair of wrap around ear muffs and you're good to go.


Posted on Dec 30th 2015

Much better design than the original Stormy Kromer cap. It's much warmer due to the extra insulation and that the design allows more of the ears and neck to be covered. My only complaint is that the the Stormy Kromer Rancher Cap isn't offered in Blaze Camouflage. It's worth every penny I paid for it, don't buy cheap, purchase a quality product that's assembled, hand-crafted , in the USA.


Posted on Dec 3rd 2015

I purchased my first Stormy Kromer just before the 2015 MI gun deer season. An old gentleman customer of the store I was in assisted me thankfully as he proudly stated that he owns nine different Kromer's. He explained the differences in insulation and style. I probably would have picked a different cap than the one I actually needed for cold weather. With his recommendation based on my answers to his questions, I ended up with the "Rancher" in Red/Black. It is the warmest cap I have ever worn. I spoke with another hunter on State land who complimented my cap as well as I did his. He purchased his 35 years ago and it's still holding it's own in great condition and well taken care of. I will be purchasing one for my wife as well and probably another for myself. Just love the quality and warmth...


Posted on Oct 29th 2015

Loved my hat but lost it. Need to order another one. I know flipping the flaps down was the wrong way to wear the hat, but my head was too big and the bottom of my ears would get cold. Have you ever thought about putting some elastic on the flaps, so that if you flipped the cover down, the elastic would close around the ears and keep them warm? No matter what, best hat I have ever owned. Great construction. I wore mine with my dark grey cashmere jacket, over my suite and I always got complements from women on the hat!Paul From Colorado


Posted on Oct 27th 2015

For me the rancher sits too high, I wish there was a way to have that extra insulation with out the high head look. I will be ordering the original for a sleeker look.


Posted on Feb 25th 2015

I've had my Rancher now for two winters. Two very cold winters in Minnesota. I have to say this hat is extremely warm. I wear it often for outdoor activities from walking, hunting, ice fishing or just commuting to and from work. One of the guys that works for me loves to give me some Elmer Fudd joking when I wear it to work but he does like the cap. I just start singing 'Kill the Wabbit" when he makes fun of it. Anyway, great cap, well made and very warm. I will agree with some that the ear flaps could be a little tighter to the ears though. Often times that I wear it and am doing some physical activity my head will start to sweat sooner than it does with a regular stocking cap because they are so warm. At times like that, I am happy that the ear flaps are a bit loose off the ears. Love it! This was my second SK. Ordering a third soon! Cheers! Jeff in Minnesota

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