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Stormy Kromer for Pets

For over a century we've kept humans well-fitted with the world’s finest caps and clothing. But we know your families include furry members, too. Welcome to a line of pet gear built with the same made-in-the-USA quality, reimagined exclusively for your pets.

Stormy Kromer Pets Shop Collection
Made like you

Legendary Since 1903

Handcrafted in the U.S.A
The Adventure Continues with Stormy Kromer

Legendary Style

When you’ve been around as long as we have, you’re bound to see new trends, new technology, new everything. Yet here we are, pretty much the same as we were a hundred years ago. We’re all for innovation, sure, but we also know what works for us. We believe in what we do and still wake up every morning excited to do it. So let the wheels of progress clamor onward in pursuit of perfection. We found it a century ago. And when you get it right the first time, everything else is details. Lucky for us, passion and pride never go out of style.

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The Original Cap

It’s possible a 4-panel hat constructed by hand, with love, for a larger-than-life character named Stormy Kromer could have been as iconic. We’ll never know. Ida stitched together 6-panels in 1903, and the rest is history. Rich, warm, wonderfully-fitted history. The original Stormy Kromer cap lined in cotton flannel, in every color or pattern that matters, from “Partridge Plaid” to “Blaze Pink.” Few things age perfectly. This is one of them.

The Original Cap

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Summer Lookbook

Summer Lookbook

Summer Lookbook

Harris Tweed


Across the waters from Scotland lies the barren, rocky island of Harris. 150 years ago, the people of this island created a unique cloth. Today, it is known simply as HARRIS TWEED. This fabric is woven by hand in the homes of Islanders, just like Stormy Kromer caps are sewn by hand by our talented employees. Enjoy this unique collection of products combining history and tradition from both sides of the Atlantic.


A history of craftsmanship

Est 1903

Ida Kromer stitched together her first ear-banded, 6-panel cap in 1903, the same year the Wright Brothers filed for a patent regarding a “flying machine.” It was a good year for innovation. Read the full Stormy Kromer history here.

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