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The Mackinaw Coat

$329.99 - $339.99

The Mackinaw Coat

$329.99 - $339.99

You are $75.00 away from free ground shipping.

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This is THAT coat - the one you find yourself reaching for the minute you feel a chill in the air. The 26 oz. 100% virgin wool is durable and warm. The six pockets are utterly convenient. And the five-button front offers flexibility for layering. A Stormy Kromer essential.



  • 26 oz. 100% virgin wool
  • 6 pockets
  • 5 button front
  • Unlined
  • Generous cut
  • Made in the USA with US and globally sourced materials
  • Dry clean only - learn about our partnership with eClean
  • Model is 5' 10", 190 lbs, and is wearing a Medium

Product Reviews

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5 Posted by Tim on Jan 31st 2023

Best purchase yet!! I always wanted a real wool Mackinaw coat,but didn't want to pay big money for a coat made over seas. American made and Michigan made!! Not to heavy or bulky,plenty of room for a vest underneath for layering. This coat will take me from fall,winter and into the spring . I'm 6'2 and 230# and it fits perfectly. Make one in camo and I'll buy one for deer season!! I look forward to a lot of years with this coat. Another great item in my growing SK collection.

5 Posted by B Cutchall on Jan 12th 2023

I love the look of the coat. I ordered an extra large and it’s fits very well. I am 5’10” 220 lbs with a 50” chest and 36” waist. I just recently got it and have only worn it a few times. I received compliments each time. I have no doubt it will last a long time as it is very well made. I highly recommend it.

4 Posted by Jerry Jacobson, Jr on Dec 28th 2022

Great coat, just what I expected. I love the collar turned up. The sleeves are a touch long but I expected that. I leave the cuffs unbuttoned and I can tuck my gloves up inside the sleeves. I bought a 2XL because I wanted to make sure the neck was big enough. It is almost perfect but is perfect for a SK neck warmer or scarf. Keep up the great American made work.

5 Posted by HB Guterman on Dec 28th 2022

absolutely my favorite wool jacket. American made quality the large collar is a good send when the wind, snow or rain are blowing extremely well designed. jacket. looks are exceptional too, from working outdoors, bow hunting and then to events the jacket is great for all. I have a wool addiction, this is in the top of my list and go to jacket. have old school woolrich, Bean , Asbell and SRW l. just the other day i paired this jacket with a flannel shirt and wool arena vest with the temp here in PA at -4 and windchill of -25 i was comfortable. again the collar is the best design out there for the elements. plan on getting the rest of the colors it comes in.

5 Posted by Stuart Banks on Dec 23rd 2022

I've been wearing this coat every day since I got it a few weeks ago and I have to say, so far it's pretty much my idea of the perfect coat. Very high quality wool and great craftsmanship, it looks great and feels great. It's wool wool, not merino wool, so it does itch a bit, but it's not nearly as bad as many lower quality wools are, and I don't even notice it unless I'm only wearing a t-shirt underneath. I like the double pocket design, with a button pocket and an open side pocket behind it on each side. Very clever use of space, and also adds an extra layer for added warmth. My only complaint with the design is that the hand warmers are too high on the chest, so I usually just use the side pockets for my hands instead. Another thing I love about this coat is that it's all buttons and no zippers. The problem with zippers is that they inevitably break, and are rather hard to repair. Having the entire jacket comprised of just wool and buttons extends its lifetime substantially, and from what I've seen so far, I do expect to get at least a lifetime's worth of use out of it. It fits rather big (I ordered an M but it fits the same as I'd expect an L to fit). I've seen some people complain about this, but it's actually good design, as it leaves lots of room for extra layers, which allows you to wear it on both the coldest and mildest of days. Unlike your super expensive parka or down jacket, you can wear this one for three seasons and for all manner of activities. It's a jack of all trades. As for warmth, although the wool is decently thick and warm, the jacket has no liner/insulation so it won't be enough on its own when the temperature gets into the negatives. With that said, with a few good layers underneath I felt quite comfortable walking around for an hour in this crazy blizzard that just hit us, with a windchill factor of -25C (-13F) and wind gusts up to 80 kmh (50 mph). I don't think I'd need a warmer jacket than this unless I was going on an arctic expedition.

4 Posted by Fargo on Dec 23rd 2022

I've always wanted the Filson Double Makinaw coat for a winter coat, but price was always prohibitive. When I found a Stormy Kromer on sale at Black Friday for nearly half the price of the Single Mac I decided to give it a try. Its a beautiful coat, but its not adequately warm for the current temps below 0*F (currently -10F). I'm sure it will be great in spring and fall or for more mild climates. But winter in ND needs something warmer. I originally purchase a medium due to all the reviews that said it runs big. I am a 52 year old man about 5'10 and around 163lbs. I found that the medium fits similar to a suit coat. The shoulders fit great and I had room in the chest for additional layers such as a vest. However, as soon as I lifted my arms the sleeves pulled up way to short and it pulled too tight under the arms to be comfortable. So I exchanged it for a large. The large may look a tad too big, but it is much more comfortable. I have much better range of motion and it just feels better. I think the Medium might look better due to the tighter fit, but the large provides better mobility. If you are going to be active and moving around go with the same size shirt you wear. If you want a coat that fits more like a suit jacket you can go down one size. Now if Stormy Kromer would just make something similar to the discontinued Double Mac or the Packer coat. I'd still like a double layer winter coat.

5 Posted by Joe Johnson on Dec 14th 2022

What a great coat! I'm not sure why I waited so long to pick one up. And even better, it's made just up Hwy 51 from my hometown. Thanks SK!

3 Posted by Mark Satawa on Dec 12th 2022

So I bought the red and black plaid cruiser about 5 years ago, size 50, and LOVE it. Bought the new one, XXL, in grey. I liked the old one better, WAY better. First, I will say that the quality of the jacket remains high. Very well made. But my problems are these. First, the size 50 fits me like a glove. The XXL does not. It is bigger, and just bigger enough to be annoying. I was told by customer service at the excel would be too small, and I believe that to be the case. I like the old, number sizing better. Next, the material changed. It is not as soft, and a little heavier. I loved the wait and softness of the previous jacket. Finally, my old cruiser had two buttons on the cuffs for each sleeve, so you could control whether or not the cuffs came down over your hands or not. The new one has only one set of buttons on the cuffs, and the cuff openings are too big, and I mean WAY too big. Sleeves come down over my hands, and ride way too low. I wish I could order the old one in grey!

5 Posted by Zachary on Dec 12th 2022

I was comparison shopping between this coat and Filson's Mackinaw, and this was the better coat. I am very impressed with the quality of the product, and love the company. I own a fair number of Filson garments, and this is as good or better. Sizing is generous and good for layering.

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