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The Button Vest

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The great thing about vests - —besides staying perpetually in style - —is freedom of movement that doesn’'t sacrifice warmth where you need it. Your core stays nicely covered while your arms are free to work, to dance, to direct traffic or cast hand-tied flies into the rapid flow of your favorite river. Our vest also naturally scales up in application, from the most casual outdoor setting to the most formal event.



  • 26 oz. 100% virgin wool
  • 50/25/25 wool/poly/nylon (ottawa)
  • 5 pockets
  • 4 button front
  • Unlined
  • Modern cut
  • Made in the USA with globally sourced materials
  • Dry clean only

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38 40
32 33
15 ½
41 44
34 36
16 ½
46 48
38 40
17 ½
50 52
42 44
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Product Reviews

(25 reviews) Write a Review

Posted on Jul 5th 2017

Another SK favorite! I wear this vest all winter, both as as a casual vest and for layering. I've worn it around town, to church and even deer hunting. I love it!! I plan on buying another one in Ottowa to strictly wear while Im in the woods!!


Posted on May 13th 2017

I have been the owner of a Stormy Kromer button vest in medium for approximately three weeks now and could not be happier with it. I spent a lot of time looking for a quality all wool vest and the button vest is spot on. I like that it is unlined, made of suitably thick material and does not constrict movement. I live in Australia and work a state government office job and have found the vest to be more than smart enough to wear in this context. When I am not at work I spend the majority of my time outdoors and have found the vest to be a fine companion. Thank you to all the employees at Stormy Kromer for a fine product.


Posted on Nov 3rd 2016

Since receiving my first SK Button Vest (Olive color) in early October 2016, I have since ordered the Black color and Black/Red Plaid color. Everything I said in my first review still applies. These are the best wool vests I have ever owned. For me, the XL vest size is perfect for my body type (6',4" tall, 40" waist & 215 lbs). The XXL would have been way too large and the XL Tall would have been way too long. I am extremely satisfied with this, Made in the USA, brand. Hopefully, SK will also come up with a brown color for this style of vest. FatBackandCollards in Colorado@8500'.


Posted on Oct 13th 2016

I just received my new SK Button Vest. I ordered the Olive color. This is a quality made vest in every sense of the word. For size comparison, I am six feet, four inches tall, 215 pounds and 40 inch waist. I ordered Size XL and it fits perfectly in length and body. Size XXL would have been too big. Prior to purchase, I emailed SK Customer Service and they provided the information I needed to get my size correct. In my opinion, it is a generous cut, rather than a modern cut. The XL has a back length of 28 inches. The front of the vest measures 24 inches across just below the arm pit area. It is a perfect fit for me. The 26 ounce wool fabric is smooth and soft. The stitching was outstanding and the buttons were sewn on very securely. This vest will definitely get some use during the upcoming 2016/2017 Winter season here in Colorado. I have wool vests from all the well known manufacturers, however, this vest is superior to all others in workmanship, fabric weight, value and design. I will order one or two more colors since I like this one so much. Signed: FatBack&Collards - Colorado@8500


Posted on Dec 4th 2015

I just got this product and its main competitor product. I like the StormyKromer vest better in almost every way:- I like that the SK material is thicker/heavier/warmer (26 oz vs. 24 oz).- I like the silky feel of the SK material better.- I like that the SK vest has a slick taped seam along the inner bottom of the vest.- I like that the SK vest has only four buttons, as opposed to five (should be quicker/easier to put fasten/unfasten).- I like that the SK vest's buttons are easier to fasten/unfasten (i.e., the button holes are more adequately large for the size of the button).HOWEVER, the "generous cut" of the SK means that it is much more roomy around the middle than I'd like. The SK is a tent!While I really prefer the SK over the competitor's product in every way but one, that one (i.e., fit) really matters more than any others.So the too-large at the waist fit of the vest is the ONLY criticism I have of this vest. From looking at other reviewers, I see that this is a common complaint. ~~~ Thank you for your comments - we will pass this along to our design team. You can always return it or exchange the vest to try a different size. ~SK~


Posted on Nov 10th 2015

My wife bought this vest for me last Christmas and I began to wear it with my pajamas immediately falling in love with it. I wear it to work with a tie and dress slacks when weather turns cold and on the weekends with jeans and casual button down shirt. I even wore it to a formal as a a vest accompanying my tux and in the woods the next day, not many vests can make that claim and look equally as good on both occasions. Awesome vest, awesome wife for buying it for me!


Posted on Nov 5th 2015

I just got the vest and the fit is perfect and stylish. Can't wait to go out on the town with it on. Thank You


Posted on Jul 12th 2015

I have had a hat for several years now. I love it. Now I have a matching vest that fits perfect. I like the unlined vest because it breathes well. I wish I had known about your products when I lived in the UP for 22 winters. Now, I only live in the UP during the summer. Getting too old to drive a snow shovel. Thank you.


Posted on Nov 24th 2014

I am a fan of the UP and hope to retire there in a few more years. From snowshoes to cutting boards to knives, I am happy to buy many handcrafted products from there. I own a number of Stormy Kromer hats and a Mackinaw coat. I appreciate the quality of the fabrics and the workmanship in those products but my recent purchase of a Button Vest has me wondering what has changed.I was delighted to see the button vest was available in tall sizes. I purchased one that arrived last week. The good news is the vest is constructed of heavy wool. Unfortunately, the overall workmanship on the vest leaves something to be desired. Where the stitching on the Mackinaw coat is well done, the seams on the vest are crude, at best. Where the inside seams of the Mackinaw are dressed in fabric and well-stitched, the inside seams of the vest simply tack down the wool, leaving the edges exposed. In the armhole where the side and back panels meet, the seam ends with a pointed end and the stitching stops short of the end of the best a recipe for fraying or for the start of the seam to unravel. The bottom edge of the wool is trimmed in a black fabric but where the cloth is folded and well-stitched on the Mackinaw coat, the cloth isn't folded over on the Button Vest and after just one wearing the edges of that fabric are beginning to fray.While I highly recommend the Stormy Kromer hats and the Mackinaw coat, I suggest you look to other American companies for purchasing a durable, well-constructed wool vest


Posted on Dec 27th 2013

I'm kinda short (5'5") and while I'm not really fat, I'm certainly not what you'd call slim. I got a black Stormy Komer vest for Christmas and it fits like a glove, it is PERFECT. It isn't too long like most vests and jackets that fit around my gut and chest, it isn't too tight like most vests and jackets that are the right length. It's like Goldilocks found it in the 3rd bear's's JUUUUUUUST right. It looks great, it's really comfortable, it's extremely well made and Iove it. I recommend this vest to all of my "stout" brothers out there who are looking for a high-quality vest that will both make them look suave and classy and keep them warm as well. Damn I love my vest. -Billy