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The Brimless Cap

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Keep your head steady and look straight up. In a Brimless, you'’ll see the sky, or stars, or some winged flying object (feathered or motorized) hurtling through the ether. Ears cold? No sweat. Same pull-down earband as the original, just with an expanded view. Also, a perfect under-helmet add-on for the winter motorsport warrior.



  • 23-25 oz. 80/20 wool/nylon blend
  • 100% cotton flannel lining
  • Six-panel crown construction
  • Pulldown earband
  • Made in the USA with globally sourced materials
  • Dry clean only

Cap Sizing

To get your size, measure comfortably around your head where your cap will sit, with a tape measure. Take that number in inches, divide by 3.14 (pi) and round up to the nearest eighth. This is your cap size. See the chart for size conversions. You can also print out our hat sizer, click here.

7 ⅜ is the most common men's size
Hat Size
20 ⅜
6 ½
20 ¾
6 ⅝
21 ⅛
6 ¾
21 ½
6 ⅞
21 ⅞
22 ¼
7 ⅛
22 ⅝
7 ¼
7 ⅜
23 ½
7 ½
23 ⅞
7 ⅝
24 ¼
7 ¾
24 ⅝
7 ⅞
Made like you
Staying warm with your stormy kromer

How to use the earband

Listen up! You know how you cup your ears in a maelstrom of noise trying to hear someone ahead? How you make little finger pockets around your lobes to catch all the sound waves and block what’s behind? Go ahead. Try it now. In that position, you're basically poised to pull down a Stormy Kromer earband with ease.


Product Reviews

(61 reviews) Write a Review

Posted by Judy Novak on Jan 3rd 2018

Love the feeling, fit is a little awkward switching from front to back to use ear flaps.


Posted by Jerome on Dec 29th 2017

Very nice quality!


Posted by Capt'n Marco on Dec 27th 2017

Fits good, warm, feels backwards. I wear it inside and out. Head doesn't itch. Good


Posted by JLM on Dec 26th 2017

Perfect fit, perfect function. Now my favorite hat of my 3 Stormy Kromer.


Posted by Colleen on Dec 19th 2017

This cap is so stinking cute - even on me! It is very well made and unique. I feel very proud to be able to wear a Stormy Kromer hat. Looking forward to using the flaps when the weather gets cold again. A big plus is that it is made in USA and in my state of Michigan!


Posted by Jacque on Dec 15th 2017

I purchased the grey brimless one last summer ( I have three of the brimmed ones) and I love it! I recently met someone that has been wearing a brimmed hat for a few years and for some reason he did not know you could pull it down over your ears, so I showed him and now he's in love with it all over again.


Posted by Beth G on Dec 6th 2017

I love my brimmed cap. But I really love my brimless cap. What a fun experience to buy it while visiting the factory store during a trip to the UP this summer! Wore it all day today...the first wintry day of the year...kept me warm and stylish...with non-stop compliments. I'll need another color to keep my look changed up!


Posted on Mar 11th 2017

My main problem with the hat is in the product descriptions pictures on the website. It does not show the back of the brainless hat which is like the front of the original hat. Had the pictures included an all over view I would not have purchased the hat. This is just personal taste and nothing to do with the quality of the hat which is very good. I was looking for a hat that had the ear flaps that were the same all the way around not one the looks like the original hat on backwards without a brim. I just feel the pictures were somewhat misleading. ~~Sorry for the confusion - we will work on getting a photo of the back on the product page. ~~SK~~


Posted on Feb 13th 2017

Just got this hat in the mail and it's a great hat.... I own a handful of kromers but not a brimless kromer... I plan on sporting this hat all winter... Now if only they would make a brimless in a owatonna camo style.


Posted on Jan 5th 2016

Received this hat as a Christmas present from my mom in U.P. Living in Germany currently and have worn the hat on various occasions with varying degrees of cool temperatures. Performed wonderfully and quite stylish. Excellent product, highly recommended!

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