• Kromer Poster Frosty Head

Kromer Poster Frosty Head

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Kromer Poster Frosty Head
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Few things are truly in our control. Which is why we at Stormy Kromer® have spent over a century helping customers gear up for any event, any element. Now, we offer you complete control of 24" x 36" swathes of wall space at a time. Tired of paint? Call us for bulk order pricing and we'll help you paper the whole house. We're here for you.



- 24" x 36".
- Made in the USA .

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Posted on Nov 30th 2011

Even the Stormy Kromer wall posters are of superior quality. This company is simply amazing. -Andy


Posted on Dec 5th 2010

I had a local amish guy make me a red cedar frame for my Kromer poster with 6 pegs, 3 on each side, to hang my Kromers on. Frame and poster look awesome. Thanks! -Wanna be Yooper

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