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The Flannel Shirt

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There are precisely 1202 great things about flannel. Here'’s one: it seems to mean business. Now, that business could be graphic design or gardening, but by default flannel suggests a certain gumption and grit. Here's one more cool thing: it looks fantastic as a stand-alone layer, fully exposed in all it’s criss-crossed glory, but also as a colorful accent peeking out from beneath a Woolover or Button Vest. Get this shirt and discover the other 1200 things yourself.



  • 100% cotton flannel
  • Chest pocket
  • Unique yoke pattern
  • Locker loop on back
  • Made in the USA with globally sourced materials
  • Machine wash

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Product Reviews

(22 reviews) Write a Review

Posted by Dan K on Nov 15th 2017

It is a good looking shirt. The button holes are sub-par and unravel, and so is the thread the buttons are sewn with. I have had the shirt for 3 years. It was about $95.00. I would like to buy it again, but the skill is not there in this shirt.

-Thanks for your honest feedback Dan. We are aware of a past problem with the buttons and buttonholes and it has been addressed in our manufacturing process. We believe in our shirt quality. We would love to speak with you to see if we could get your confidence back in us. Call anytime at 888-455-2253.


Posted by Mike Barkdoll on Nov 13th 2017

I hate to take it off. This is a quality shirt, you get what you pay for. Stylish, yet practical... I gave it four stars for the fact that i like two front pockets instead of one. But that is a minor detail. The shirt is very comfortable and has a great, generous fit. I liked it so much i order a second one. I hope Santa brings me another.


Posted on Jan 16th 2017



Posted on Jan 12th 2017

Flannel shirt....just received my first Stormy Kromer shirt. Fits great, looks great and I am sure will last. THANKS...will be buying my son one too.


Posted on Nov 22nd 2016

Best shirt I have bought. Very comfortable and durable. Will be buying another one. Two pockets would be a great improvement. ~~ We will pass this suggestion on to our design team. SK ~~


Posted on Nov 17th 2016

Very well made - tailoring was fine with no issues. Fit is generous (ordered Medium - 6' & 175 lbs. and shirt fit like it should; ample but not overly large). Fabric is about average for a flannel - not too heavy or too thin. Like the style - very distinctive with the V stitching up the front and company name on the back collar area. Of course it is a little pricey, but you are supporting American's workers. I would purchase again.


Posted on Jul 11th 2016

Quality has simply decreased. If you can't make a quality COTTON flannel shirt ( as you previously did) for 100 bucks, you're not doing something right. ~~Thank you for your feedback - please give us a call and let us know your concerns with the shirt. 888-455-2253


Posted on May 27th 2016

I have noticed a slight decline in quality but continue to support your American made products. Please bring back the quality even if you have to charge us a little more. Maybe have an upper level line. We will pay for quality.


Posted on May 4th 2016

I bought a factory seconds flannel shirt in Chestnut for my father in their outlet store. The tag said there was a "rough cuff". The flaw was so inconspicuous and difficult to identify that I am surprised it was even considered a factory seconds shirt. Upon returning home, I washed the shirt and re-inspected the cuff. There was no change in the material. From reading some of these other reviews of this shirt, I had expected it might unravel or fray with washing, but that was not the case at all. My father was thrilled to have an American made shirt and was impressed with the quality! Some of these other reviews are concerned with a few loose threads? Get over yourselves! When have you ever purchase any piece of clothing, either American made or imported, and didn't need to cut off a couple odd threads? If I have to cut a couple threads to support American jobs, then I will always choose American manufacturing!


Posted on Jan 25th 2016

I was the number one fan of Stormy Kromer flannel shirts. I owned two of them before buying my most recent shirt. I thought they were, hands down, the finest flannel shirts on the market. When I purchased Isle Royal Shirt recently, paying almost double I had paid for the previous two shirts, (shirts I paid full price for), I waited with great expectation. I was sorely disappointed! What happened to the two pockets, each with a flap and each having two buttons? Now just one pocket with a single button? What happened to the elbow pads? What happened to the second buttons on the cuffs? Yes, it still fits great and the material is just as good and the colors are great, and it comes with a spare button that the previous shirts did not, but it really hurts to pay $100 for a shirt that just isn't as good as it used to be when we didn't pay as much for them. ~~ We loved our previous style flannel shirts as well...but we discontinued them because the cost to make them in the USA was getting very high. We brought them back, with less detail so we could keep the price competitive with other brand flannel shirts of the same quality. SK ~~