At the heart of Stormy Kromer is our hardworking team. They’re bright, committed, fun, and they tend to stick around. Half have been with us more than a decade. More than a dozen have been with us for two decades. And a few hearty souls have been with us for more than 40 years. 

We recruit a little differently than a lot of other companies. First we get the right people on board, then we train them. Many don’t even have sewing experience. But we believe that people are capable of just about anything. They just need opportunity and careful, patient guidance. 

They also need to feel appreciated and valued. That’s why we offer full healthcare benefits, 401(k), life insurance, and up to four weeks of paid vacation. We believe in work-life balance for our employees, so we also offer them flexibility when they need to prioritize their families.

And when it came time to prioritize our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, our employees came through with flying colors.

They came in on a Sunday to design, prototype and engineer face masks and gowns. When we were ready for production, they returned without hesitation. Many people worked 10-hour days during the time of most intense need so we could produce masks and gowns as quickly as possible.

Everyone pitched in to do whatever was needed. A few examples: sales and marketing folks took over customer service, customer service joined the cleaning crew, HR managed and tracked incoming mask orders, and our CEO and president sewed on the production line. 

These are the people we get to work with each day. We think they’re a lot like the products we make — strong, reliable, authentic, and very high quality.     

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