We strive to create products that are long-lasting and timeless. We’re so dedicated to quality and longevity that our hats come with a lifetime guarantee. We recently created a partnership with eClean Advanced Fabricare, an environmentally conscious alternative to dry cleaning, that allows our customers to save while prolonging the life of their favorite products.

We source and use our fabrics consciously. We build long-term relationships like our partnership with Bemidji Woolen Mills of Bemidji, MN to recycle and repurpose our wool scraps. Some items, like our can wrap, are cut in the margins of excess fabric, to reduce material waste. And several of the products in our line use recycled polymers.

We’re deeply committed to producing most of our items domestically, minimizing our natural resource consumption by shortening the distance our products travel to get to you. We reduce consumption in other ways too. Our facilities are powered by 25% renewable energy — you can learn more at Xcel Energy’s Renewable Connect Program. And we’re currently working to redesign the packaging of major items (like our iconic caps!) so that they’re made from post-consumer waste.

From our energy efficient boiler heating fueled by broken-down pallets, to our facility-wide paper and cardboard recycling, to our energy-saving lighting and sewing machines, we continue to examine every opportunity to serve as responsible stewards of our natural resources

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