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Gift Certificate

Don't know the perfect size, style or color to get your favorite giftee? Gift certificates are a winner every time! The mail gift certificate is shipped & emailed. The email gift certificate is emailed to the purchaser only.

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  • Wednesday, January 21, 2015

    Customers need to understand that when they purchase a gift certificate, it will be emailed to the purchaser, not the recipient--even if you fill in separate info and direct that it be sent to the recipient. I had the same problem as the customer who reviewed this product in 2008. I wrote a polite email to customer service informing them that this issue has not yet been fixed and asking them to get back to me with their resolution. If it is too much to change the way online orders of gift certificates are processed and emailed, I pointed out that they could simply update the product description to indicate that email delivery will go to the purchaser only. That would have taken customer service less time than it did for me to fill out the order form with the intended recipient's contact information. Nearly four weeks later, customer service has still not gotten back to me. Stormy, you've got a great product but this was terrible customer service. SK - We apologize for the miscommunication and for the issues you had ordering online. We will check on our email Gift Certificate process/description and see where we can improve. UPDATE: We have changed the verbiage in the description to state that the email gift certificate will be email to the purchaser only.

  • Monday, December 8, 2014

    Actually, I can think of few gifts that would make me happier than an SK gift card. Have 4 caps, a vest and 2 Kromer Jacs, but I would love to add to my collection. Along with Converse Chuck Taylors (now, sadly, no longer Made in the US), Double H boots and Carhartt sweatshirts, SK gear is the only clothing that matters.

  • Tuesday, December 16, 2008

    I was shocked and offended when I ordered the gift certificate online. I got an email congratulating me on my gift. What a pathetic gift!! An email forward on Christmas? Lucky Sis. I called to complain and the operator totally agreed that this would make me look like a lazy, last minute, unthoughtful Christmas gifter. They sent me gift cards and catalogues with hat sizing tools. That is what we like to say is "uptown", quite worthy by Stormy Kromer and North Central MT standards. Maybe the forward would fly with your family, but not in mine. -Wade A. Miller