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The Original Cap


This six-panel, hand-stitched beauty is built for long-lasting comfort, and for more than 100 years, it's been an icon of the great American outdoors. If that's something you identify with - or at least enjoy pictures of - this cap will look great on you.



  • 23-25 oz. 80% wool/20% nylon or 100% wool (blaze orange)
  • 50/25/25 wool/poly/nylon (Ottawa)
  • 100% cotton flannel lining
  • Made in the USA with globally sourced materials
  • Dry clean only



To get your size, measure comfortably around your head where your cap will sit, with a tape measure. Take that number in inches, divide by 3.14 (pi) and round up to the nearest eighth. This is your cap size. See the chart for size conversions.


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  • Dale I


    Friday, April 8, 2016

    Perfect winter hat! It fits my 7and7/8s head! Warm and stays put. There won't be anymore "chase my hat across the field" episodes as the flaps hold well and keep my ears warm when the wind howls. Even wet it keeps my head warm. Made 2 hours from my home. Doesn't get better than that.

  • Tuesday, March 15, 2016

    This my first Stormy Kromer Cap but it will not be my last! I LOVE IT! I finally purchased one and I am a very happy customer! I plan on Starting a collection! I am a owner for LIFE! The Cap is very comfortable and warm! I just wish the ear flaps would cover the whole ear.I wear a size right in the middle not too tight and not too lose 7 5/8. Try one! You will LOVE it!

  • Monday, February 15, 2016

    I purchased my waxed cotton Stormy about 3 years ago, tried and true, the ol Stormy keeps my head warm even in the coldest temperatures. No better cap out there! Looking to buy another one in plaid. Thank you Stormy for making a great product.

  • Friday, February 5, 2016

    Just received my 3stormy kromer hats and in 2days from ordering from the website best of all free shipping to Pennsylvania .It was actually snowing and windy out so couldn't wait to go outside for a test of course I paraded around the house trying each hat on and curving the brims to suit my style and yeah looking at myself in the mirror trying to decide which one to wear first outside oh did I mention the fit was perfect anyway I chose to wear the original red pine and it performed flawlessly ear flaps pulled down easily and no squeezing or pinching and after more than an hour playing with dog not sweaty at all kept me warm and breathed well the other 2hats I purchased were the flat top Harris tweed which looks equally classy to wear for a night on the town as well as everyday use and finally the wax cotton with Harris tweed earflaps McLeod style . I can't wait for it to rain to wear the wax cotton . I haven't taken the original red pine off my head all day its that comfy . The stitching is flawless and can tell already that these hats will last a very very long time. Thank-you everyone at stormy kromer for taking pride in producing quality hats and clothes made in the U.S.A. I will be purchasing many more in the future

  • Tuesday, February 2, 2016

    I picked up a SKO at the factory last Friday. As luck would have it we got hit by a snow storm today. 8" of snow in central Wisconsin. I thought to myself, "Let's see if this thing lives up to the hype." I put on the SK, jumped on the 4-wheeler and started plowing my driveway. The driveway's about 450 yards long, so it took me a good hour to get 'er cleared off - snowing the whole while, mind you - but my head never got cold. I didn't feel real much wind in my ears, and they never got cold. The wool got a little soggy on the outside, but the inside was dry. When I came in from plowing, I just set it by the fireplace to dry out. Long story short: I'm impressed. I'm glad this thing has a lifetime warranty, because I anticipate wearing the heck out of it for a good long while.

  • Saturday, January 16, 2016

    what a great cap, when i started wearing caps 40 years ago should of had one my head would of liked it keep up the good work and love that it is made in the usa

  • Monday, January 4, 2016

    Although there are already so many published reviews, I think that it would be helpful to add my comments because there is some difference of opinion about sizing. For my first purchase of a Stormy Kromer hat, I did find it helpful to be able to try it on in person. I had previously considered 7 5/8" to be my correct size from other hat companies that I had ordered from. After trying on many Stormy Kromer Original (SKO) caps, I came to the conclusion that I was better off with a 7 3/4" sizing. Since that time, my SK collection has grown to a total of twelve (12) hats, with five (5) of them being SKO. I have ordered many of them successfully over the internet now that I am comfortable knowing my correct size. There is some minor variation between SKO hats as to how much of the ear is covered with the ear flaps down. I believe this is because the hats are hand-made. It is my conscientious opinion that you should be able to cover a minimum of two-thirds of the ear in an SKO--or else you have the wrong size. My SKO models approach full coverage of the ear--but the ear flaps will slip a little bit if you move your head around a lot. In most cases this is good enough to keep me warm, but my experience has been that a Rancher model will give better coverage of the ears in really cold weather if needed. I am very excited to have the following SKO colors: Charcoal, Red Pine, Partridge Plaid, Frost Plaid and Superior Plaid. SK is masterful at making great plaid designs! Thank you, SK, for making such wonderful hats!

  • Saturday, November 28, 2015

    Sizing, Sizing, Sizing. It's all in the sizing. I sent in comments earlier to SK and wanted to Revise my comments about ear flaps. I initially purchased a size 7 3/8 Original Cap. When I received my cap, the cap fit, although snug, however the ear flap did not fully cover my ears. I wore the cap occasionally and never used the ear flap. Recently, I was at a local Farm and Ranch Store near my home and noticed some Stormy Kromer Caps on the shelves. I began trying on different sizes and noticed that Size 7.5 fit me perfectly and best of all, the ear flap covered my entire ear. When I returned home, I immediately ordered four caps from SK because I like the caps so much and also to alternate wearing different colors. The size 7.5 caps came today and all fit perfectly. For me, it took getting the right size for the cap to fit correctly and the ear flaps to cover my entire ear. I love these caps. I hope this helps others to figure out their correct size. If possible, go to a local store that sells SK caps and try on several to get your best fit with cap size and ear flap coverage. All heads and ears are different. ST in Colorado @8500'

  • Friday, November 27, 2015

    I own two of these hats and just ordered a third , I love them, They are sure warm, And hold up well, My wife tells me , it's cold outside, better get your Stormy Kromer's Out. Baseball hats get put away, Stormy's are warm and made of wool. Good hat's.

  • Saturday, November 21, 2015

    I have 3 of these hats. Love them! One for hunting, one for work and one for dress! Warm and hold up to weather. Bought my first one 8 years ago and still holding up.

  • Thursday, November 12, 2015

    The caps are warm. I have only one complaint and or suggestion for SK. Take a close look at the ear flap. It only covers about 3/4 to 7/8ths of my rear. My ear lobe is not covered at all. The cap fits good around my head, however when I pull down the ear flap, it does not fully cover my ear. This is a complaint I have read about on other reviews and it's a true complaint. I wish SK would take another look at their ear flap design. I would have given five stars, except the ear flap does not fully cover my ear. I wear my SK as a cap only, but when it gets cold or has a wind chill, I have to go for my fleece beenie cap and hand my SK on the gun rack. ~~ Depending on the size/location of your ears, they may be entirely covered or they may not...just like snowflakes, no two heads are exactly alike! We will send your comments on to our design team. SK ~~



You might not need instructions to wear your Stormy Kromer masterpiece, but there is a right way and a wrong way. The right way involves putting the cap on your head, grabbing the ear band on both sides and pulling down. There’s no unfolding or flipping, and you don’t have to take your cap off. Just pull down and settle in.



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