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Product Review (submitted on January 2, 2013):
I'm 6'5" with a heavier build, so it can be hard to find a jacket that provides a snug fit for my chest and shoulders without being too baggy around the waist. The Airman's Jacket in XL fits absolutely perfectly. I got mine in store at Duluth Pack and was worried that I would have to order an XL-tall, but the regular XL is a perfect length bomber jacket for a taller person. It sits just a few inches below my waist, and the construction provides great range of motion so that it does not pull up when I am lifting my arms or bending over my bike on the morning commute. I was kind of shocked that I did not need a tall size.

As people have noted above, the build quality is exceptional.

Stays dry in light to medium rain, which is a must here in Oregon.

However, it should be noted that this jacket is not at all windproof. The fit and built-in cuffs prevent much cold air from coming in under the jacket, especially with a good scarf. However, the fabric is not heavy enough to keep wind out at my parents' in Duluth or here in Eugene, Oregon. There is notable seep-through directly through the fabric in stronger winds. You will want to layer appropriately if you are relying on this jacket in windy, cold conditions. I did not buy this as an all-weather jacket and suspected it might not be windproof given the lack of a liner, so still giving it five stars.