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Product Review (submitted on November 23, 2012):

(I purchased this vest as well as a Filson vest of very similar style).
I will compare the two and be blunt, as well as honest.

First, I will give my measurements, otherwise everything else describing fit is meaningless.

I am 5' 9", with a 44" chest, 36" waist with a 24" - 25" length vest fitting just right. My Weight is 194 lbs. I would not be considered muscular, haha.

Stormy Kromer Vest. Size Large.

The 'Kromer vest has a slightly more tighter fit at the waist, which is good. It is sewn nicely for the most part. The wool
fabric weight, just right. The color is a very nice grey shade. The room around the arms and chest is just right, not too snug, not to tight.
The finish on it though, is not up to par with Filson or other brands in this price range:
1. The cuts look amateurish, uneven and unfinished - they appear to be not up to par even with a sewing school project.
2. There are 7 places where the wool/fabric is abrubtly cut and left unfinished.
3. The bottom has a black cloth cover piece, which already is fraying, there is no serging or finishing seam to stop this.

Bottom line: The 'Kromer vest has a better fit, isn't quite finished as other vests and has a limited choice of colors, but looks quite nice from the outside and to some, that is all that matters.

Filson Vest. Size Large.

The Filson vest has a slightly larger waist than the 'Kromer, which could be seen as a minus. It too has just the right amount of room around the shoulders and chest area, a little loose. The color is grey also, with the fabric being of similar, if not the exact same weight as the 'Kromer vest.
1. Filson's vest is finished inside, all the cuts are clean, with the cut, exposed edges finished off with serging. This adds a professional touch and is expected in a garment at this price range.
2. It is $5 dollars cheaper.
3. It is available in 9 different colors.

Bottom Line: This is a vest that is hard to beat on quality, price and colors.

**I am not a 68 year old geezer yet, maybe that's why I can tell the difference in quality between these two vests.