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Product Review (submitted on December 4, 2010):
With much excitement I ordered my first Stormy Kromer hat, a Rancher model to be specific. I heard some reviews of the flaps on the regular model are too short to cover the entire ear, so I opted for the next model in the line. I received my cap via UPS very quickly and was excited to open it. Just too bad I was mistakenly sent the wrong size. I wasn't upset... in fact, I was so happy to be buying from an American company with such a storied reputation I even offered to send it back on my own dime to get a replacement. The lady on the phone said, "Tell you what... you keep that hat, and we'll send you a replacement." Astounded, I said, "Yeah, but...." She interrupted me and said, "Now it was our error, you take that hat and donate it to someone who needs it or give it to a friend", and in a couple days I had the correct Kromer in my hands.

I was blown away by the courtesy and the quality of the service. I did, in fact, pass the hat along to a friend, along with the story on the customer service I received.

I get all kinds of comments on the hat. I would nearly guarantee there's not another one in the county! At least I've not seen one. I even ran into an old man at the grocery store who in awe stopped, pointed, and with a grin on his face said, "Well, would you look at that! Nice hat!" I get looks all the time. Not that this is what I'm going for...I'm just saying people can see the quality from a mile away. Either that or they're laughing at the 30 year old who's really an 80 year old at heart. I don't care. I love the hat. I smile and go on. It's becoming a trademark.

As for performance...this is hands down the best hat I've ever owned. While I'm 30, my scalp thinks it's 80 and is a chrome dome. The Kromer is just what the doctor ordered. I think I've read or heard some others saying it's like an oven on your head. I agree. As SOON as you put it on you can feel the heat retention, not to mention the 100% wind-blocking nature of the crown as well as the extra long pull-down and fold-down ear flaps.

If I had to buy all over again, I would 100% recommend the Rancher model. It will do what the regular Kromer does, only better. For the first few weeks it seems to be a little "puffy" on one's head, but it settles down after a bit. It's just perfect.

I love the tradition....pure USA. I'm a customer for life. I have several friends who will be SK customers, too.