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Awesome Coat another milestone in Yooper Technology that will take the world Review by Maiden666
Great job again - I'm 6' tall 174#s a large took the cake. The only one thing missed is a inner pocket now there is a third top bright shoulder pocket since I need to quit smoking my wife likes the coat so I have no place to store my pack of smokes A++++++ (Posted on 4/12/14)
I love this coat Review by Steve
I received this coat as a present. It has just started to get cold enough here to wear it. Its warm, comfortable and good looking. My wife loves the way it looks on me also, so that's a plus. (Posted on 12/11/13)
great value Review by steve
What a great coat. I received this coat in two days and love it. My wife , who doesn't like much I order, was even blown away by how well made it was and the look. Glad the temp is dropping this week so I can start to wear this new purchase. What a joy to deal with a local company and enjoy your marketing ideas. We will be ordering more great products. Thanks (Posted on 10/18/13)
Top of the line Review by Conak
So it seems they redesigned this coat and it's now available at a great price. I chose the older version not only for the sale but because I preferred the unlined, since even though this is a 'Town Coat' it is every bit as good as a field coat, and being unlined allows the breathability of the pure wool to shine (plus it'll stink less). The wool is fantastic, and unbelievably soft for 100% wool. While the fabric is 2 oz heavier per yard than filson, it is not prickly/itchy at all. Definitely the choice for people sensitive to wool (I'm not sensitive to it, but I certainly won't complain about it being soft). Get this while you can for town, field or both. I would've got both colors, but I already had a charcoal filson. I can't say whether the softer feel will translate into less durability or water resistance as I haven't yet had the chance to test this coat, but I can say it is a well built item. Solid stitching that screams made in USA. I did size down, and I'm glad I did. Normally I wear a 40 in suit coats (my chest actually measures 41) but the 38 in this Coat fits me perfect with just enough room to allow layering but not look bulky with just a shirt. The gussets at the shoulder ensure great movement. Not sure why they rebuilt it, how could they have done it better? (Posted on 8/29/13)
Don't let the name "Town Coat" fool you ! Review by Jimbo From Kazoo
I first set my eye on this coat early last fall it just looked like a nice warm rugged coat but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $280 for a coat. Last week when I received notice from SK that this coat was 40% off I ordered one right away, I have now worn this coat for almost a week and I love it, don't let the name “Town Coat” fool you I consider this more like a chore coat with all the roomy pockets and how warm this coat is. I'm not much of a town person myself but if I was this coat could be used for dress occasions also. I'm a big fan of Michigan made products from wine to SK clothing and as usual SK has hit another home run with this coat, I have a SK hats for all seasons and love them all. Keep up the good work SK and keep putting that American Flag on all your tags because that does mean a lot to me that your products are made in the US and it's a bonus that SK is right here in Michigan. (Posted on 2/18/13)
A Quality Coat Review by Erick
I'm giving this coat four instead of five stars only because of one detail that, while significant to me, may be minor to others (I'll explain later).

First of all, I came across Stormy Kromer, because I was looking to buy clothing made in the U.S. I've become a bit weary of many consequences stemming from our current approach to a globalized system of commerce, one of which is the joint effect of lost American jobs and the exploitation of labor forces in certain countries, all resulting from (intentionally?) loophole-laden trade regulations. [OK, focus... now, tell people about the coat.]

I liked the story behind Stormy Kromer's inception, and I liked this coat the moment I saw it online, so I placed my order for a charcoal one sized Large. When I received it and took it out of its bag, my immediate impression was that I was holding a solid piece of clothing made from high-quality material. The charcoal color can be safely considered a darker gray (to my eye, it's not the darkest I've seen but dark enough to be categorized as such). At a glance, the styling of the coat was very attractive to me, just as it had been online.

When I tried it on, it felt, again, very solid--not bulky, not heavy, but solid. Without actually taking it out in the cold, I just had the sense that I would be comfortably warm in this thing.

Here's my one gripe. I had, rightly or wrongly, the expectation (from the way the coat looked to me in the online photo) that it would be somewhat fitted along the torso. It's not. I wanted the more fitted look, because I'm getting more vain in my old age, and I have the broader shoulder/narrower torso body type (not to an extraordinary extent but just typically speaking; i.e., I don't have a problem finding coats with trimmer torsos off the rack, so I'm no specialty case). The vertical hang of this town coat by Stormy Kromer, from the armpits down, made me look wider than I am, and the excess material consequently had a bit of a tendency to bunch and fold. I'm no tailor, but I'm wild-guessing that for a bit of extra coin, this probably wouldn't be a hard alteration to make. In all other ways, the coat fit me properly (I'm 5'11", 180 lbs. and wear a 16 1/2 x 35 shirt and a 42R suit).

Bottom line: if you're looking for a fitted coat and think, from its picture, that this town coat fits the bill, you might be disappointed. If you don't care about that sort of thing, I can promise you that you'll be buying yourself one heck of a nice coat.

Some people might find this town coat's price tag a bit much, given the choices out there. I understand--I gave that some thought myself. But in the end, I concluded that it's a fair price for what you get (considering that high-quality coats are often priced higher than this). And, contrary to what might be said about goods manufactured in certain other countries (and I use the word "might" so as not to broad-brush all overseas manufacturers, many of whom are on the up-and-up), I'm willing to believe that your money spent on Stormy Kromer is an investment in good folks and a good cause. (Posted on 1/16/13)
Outstanding purchase Review by Jen
I bought this coat for my husband a year ago and he loves it. The sleeves are long enough in the tall and it looks great casual and dressed up. He says it is very warm. Now if you can just make it in brown! (Posted on 10/22/12)
Warm and stylish Review by Rob
I'm on a "Buy American Clothes" kick, and as a Michigander, "Buy Anything Michigan" kick, so SK makes me giddy.

I bought this jacket at a local store Fall '11 and wore it all winter. Not only did I get all sorts of comments, I was never cold once while wearing it. You can tell it's made with quality material and craftsmanship. It fits nicely, and isn't big and poofy like ski jackets I wore in winters past. Highly recommended. (Posted on 9/13/12)
Great coat Review by Kyle in PA
Bought this on the fly when I was working in Boston last winter. I tried it on at a store and one of the clerks immediately and genuinely said it looked awesome - and they were right. I like the action back, half belt, and large front pockets. I'm a photographer by trade and can easily drop a 70-200mm zoom lens in one without worrying if its going to fall out. Definitely warm and well built - kept me comfortable working outside on the Cape all day long. My only criticism is the vertical chest pocket - works well but I wouldn't mind if it was designed a little lower profile somehow.
Overall great coat! (Posted on 6/21/12)
What a great coat Review by cowhidewhitehow
I received this about a week after I ordered it, and I love it. I have jackets from Eddie Bauer and Filson, and this is at or above that quality. The fit was spot on, and it is very well made. My only issue is that it isn't cold enough to wear it yet. (Posted on 10/17/11)

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