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You don't have to lose your head
just because you lose your hat.

Your cap comes with more than a comfortable fit and rugged good looks, it also features a little protection for your peace of mind. Register your Stormy Kromer cap with its unique serial number found on the white label inside your cap. If it is lost, stolen or destroyed within three years of the date of purchase, we will replace it at 50% of the current price, plus applicable shipping and taxes. No questions asked. (Limited Edition caps are, well, limited, so there aren't necessarily any available for replacement. We're awfully sorry about that. When redeeming your policy on limited edition caps, you may choose a cap of similar value.)

To put this free insurance policy into effect fill out the form below.

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Note: The information provided here is for Stormy Kromer use only and will not be provided or sold to mailing list companies. Sorry, this policy is restricted to a one-time replacement.