Benchwarmer Caps

If you’ve ever painted your chest, or beat up an opposing team’s mascot, or skipped a wedding (your own, for example) to see a game, you might have what it takes to join the:

"World's Most Colorful Fan Club"

If you have the team spirit we're looking for, you and your friends could
get free Stormy Kromer Benchwarmer Caps in your team colors.

Set the pompons down, sport-o, and read the rules.

1.  Send an email to describing why your group of athletic supporters should be in the "World’s Most Colorful Fan Club."  DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 20.

2.  Make sure your email answers the following:
- What school or team does your club/group support?
- Is your group officially sanctioned by your school or team?
- What makes you worthy of the World’s Most Colorful Fan Club?
- Who’s in your group and why are they so darn special?
- Which of the Benchwarmer Cap colors represents your team? How many caps do you need? Originals or Petal Pushers or both?

3.  If you’re selected, we’ll send out your caps!  We’ll ask for just a few things in return:
Tell your family, friends and fellow fans where they can get a Benchwarmer Cap of their own.
- Upload a video to our Facebook page showing your Colorful Fan Club in action wearing their new caps

 You keep cheering, we'll keep you comfortable.